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Al Seef Diwali Festivities

Al Seef Diwali Festivities

Al Seef, a heritage-rich shopping and dining destination along the banks of Dubai Creek, is going all out to give Dubai the grandest Diwali celebrations it has seen to date. Clear out your schedule for ten days of vibrant festivities, from live Bollywood and Bhangra dance performances to a dazzling display of fireworks over Dubai Creek.

Celebrate the festival of lights with close friends and family at Al Seef’s vibrant Diwali-themed bazaar–a carnival of delicious food, live performances, festive music and endless shopping. Al Seef Diwali Market will offer something for everyone with a line-up of fun games and activities, jewellery, henna stations and more. Get in on the Mega Draw and put yourself in the running to win incredible prizes and vouchers on the last day of the Diwali Mela.

Even Dubai Police is getting in on the fun with a marching band performance and horse parade from 8-10 November, and a jaw-dropping exhibition of its supercars throughout the celebrations. This year’s fiesta isn't one to miss out on so see the schedule below and get the most out of the ten days of excitement.

Al Seef Diwali Festivities Schedule:
Diya Family Lighting Ceremony: 1-10 November (5pm onwards)
Diwali Market: 1-10 November (5pm onwards)
Live Entertainment: 6-10 November (5pm onwards)
Dubai Police Supercars: 1-10 November (5 pm onwards)
Dubai Police Marching Bands: 8-10 November (7:30pm)
Fireworks: 7 November (8:30pm)

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