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9th Intl Pediatric Congress for Hypospadias and Disorder of Sex Development

  • 9th Intl Pediatric Congress for Hypospadias and Disorder of Sex Development

9th Intl Pediatric Congress for Hypospadias and Disorder of Sex Development

Venue: Bab Al Qasr Hotel
Phone: 97124919888
Website: https://go.evvnt.com/565680-0?pid=5738
Address: Corniche Road West Abu Dhabi


The international scientific programme committee plans to build on the successes of first eight congresses by encouraging research in this very specialist and multi factorial area of medicine. The Committee is planning a truly international faculty of opinion leaders to come to Abu Dhabi, providing a very integrated and inclusive programme with the aim of improving outcomes at our places of work.
The conference aims to promote a better understanding of congenital genito-urinary anomalies, focusing on hypospadias and disorders of sex development, through a world-wide collaboration of scientists, surgeons, physicians and psychologists. The congress is an international platform for inter-disciplinary dialogue for specialists with all interested parties.

The Program will feature Video Presentations of Procedures, Round Table Discussions, Keynote Presentations, Pro-Con Debates and most importantly Free Papers. with such a challenging subject, and most important to the Congress, is the breadth of experience that all the delegates will bring to the Congress.

An exciting program has been planned including interdisciplinary sessions and workshops. As in previous events we expect to have a great number of participants from all over the world, from different specialties involved in the care of patients with abnormalities of the external genitalia. A number of worldwide experts will be participating in the meeting, providing an excellent forum for interactive discussions that, I am sure all of us will benefit from.

Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/565680-2?pid=5738

Physicians / Specialists: AED 800.00
Other Healthcare professionals: AED 600.00

Speakers: Prof. Amin El-Gohary, Dr. Nabil Dessuky, Dr. Abraham Cherian, Dr. Tahmina Banu, Prof. Saber Waheeb, Dr. Yasir Jamal Jeddah, Dr. Pramod Reddy, Dr. Azad Mathur , Prof. Sameh Shahata , Dr. Davendra K Gupta, Dr. Iftikhar Jan