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0.0625mm Diameter Exhibition

  • 0.0625mm Diameter Exhibition

0.0625mm Diameter Exhibition

Venue: Total Arts at Courtyard
Phone: 04 3475050
Website: www.courtyard-uae.com
Address: 4B or 6 street Al Quoz Industrial 1 Al Muteena, Deira Dubai


Dubai, November 9, 2019: Part of Dubai Design Week, the ‘0.0625mm in Diameter Exhibition’ was
announced today. Showing debut, this exhibition unveils a collaborative design installation, at Total Arts Gallery - the Courtyard and will be taking place from the 11th to 16th of November 2019. It is a design experience featuring furniture design, photography, video-objects and programming through the week,supported and managed by Hamzat Wasl Studio - a creative community collective.
The show is curated and designed by Hind Bin Demaithan (featuring herself); Jawaher Al Khayyal and Ola Allouz. The design installation will be activated by live music, spoken word poetry, private photoshoot sessions, falcon interactions and more.

The idea of the three creatives, coming together is extracted from the theme of the exhibition itself. From the 0.0625mm diameter of one sand grain, to the bewildered sand dunes, which always holds the Hatheera, the Bedouin winter ‘gathering’. Like a time capsule, a retro effect to redesign the Hatheera. Known today as the Majlis, or the gathering place of the Bedouins, is unleashed. As a once upon a time’ meeting place for the inhabitants of this land, it will yet again be the design installation with contemporary elements at Total Arts gallery. A place of bonding, mingling and interacting in the cold winter evenings, the Hatheera is re-innovated time and again to align with Dubai’s cultural vision. “Why do people gather around in a semicircle or in close proximity to
chat? How many ways can people sit together in a circle? What are the topics discussed? What are the age groups? Are they relatives, friends or strangers? I’ve always been mesmerized by the idea of coming together.

This is where readapting the Hatheera sprung from. Recently I have been spending much of my time in the desert and the practices of the day to day life away from the city. It occurred to me how alike the Hatheera setting is to our creative gatherings, family get together and group meetings. Which led me to reach out to Jawaher and Ola and have them join me on this venture of bringing the Hatheera to the city. Getting inspiration from the Markh's (Leptadenia pyrotechnical) form and purpose, the sunlight reflection weaved through the plant structure on the sand and te grains enfolding you as you sit and embrace nature”, Says Hind Bin Demaithan. “I encourage everyone to come and take part in our Hatheera, it’s a gathering place for everyone,” pointed
out Hind.!