The Cosmos That Allah Has Designed



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"This book is for those who ponder deeply about the cosmos that Allah has designed.
It is an Islamic book for kids that extends an invitation to think deeply.In simple rhyming verses we go on a journey through the Cosmos. Take a look at the Earth and how it spins, bringing about day and night. The moon illuminates the sky and brings about the ocean tides. Observe seasons as Earth makes it way around the Sun. Feel the warmth of the Sun shining down on us. Planets float around the Sun and meticulously keep their schedule. A look at the Milky Way tells us of our place in the larger scheme of things.

Did Allah create the Universe or did the Universe create itself? Could all of this have come about randomly? Children often think deeply and we can use these thoughts to kickstart their Islamic education in an interactive way. Observing the Cosmos is a fascinating, humbling and unifying experience. The journey through the cosmos fills us with awe and leaves us in wonder of Allah’s amazing artistry and intelligent design. This Islamic book for kids deserves a spot of prime prominence in your bookshelf."

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