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Chemical Injection Process and its Importance to the Oil & Gas Industry.
One of the primary concerns of every industries is to optimize the production efficiency. Every bit of the
equipment, time and manpower costs money and the efficiency in all departments enhance the
production value for the organizations. The down time, maintenance & repairs etc. costs have to be
overcome through the improved production rate. It is of paramount importance in the oil and gas
industry and the one which is being developed and enhanced all the time. Chemical injection is a process
whereby secondary chemical solution is added to the primary process flow to improve the primary fluid
quality or to enhance the flow of primary fluid. This process helps in the improvement in the production
capacity, efficiency and reduction in the downtime.
Chemical injection packages play a pivotal role in both onshore and offshore production and are
normally an ongoing and critical process. The chemical injection packages employed to the production
injects a specialized chemical to the flow stream or reservoir to perform a specific purpose and derive a
certain result. In general, the improvement in the efficiency brought by the process enables a higher
production rate, separation of the liquids, reduce corrosion, overall improve the profitability of the
exploration and recovery activities.
Benefits of Chemical Injection Packages
The benefits of Chemical injection have made it a necessary factor in the oil and gas industries and has
become a solid investment, while promoting an environmentally friendly work atmosphere.
It helps in the prevention of corrosion from the wellhead and all the way to the refinery. It
decreases the drag and friction inside the popes along with the decreases down time and thus in
effect a better and increased production flow.
The safe deployment of it in hazardous environment through safety shutdown valves and control
instrumentations provide a greater safety and prevents machinery and personnel from harm’s
Its easy installation and maintenance facilitate in reduced repairs and downtime. This feature
along with all others make it extremely cost-effective process and allow the continuation of the
production with less hurdles.
Being mounted on skid helps it to be portable. The steel skid provides it with the required
structural integrity for operation and allows for the safe operation and transportation.
Different purpose of the chemical injection has different process and the flexibility in the scale
and use of the chemical injection packages with specially designed packages makes it effective
and versatile.
Chemical Injection System Components
The system comprises of different parts which are assembled on a skid for the portability and
operational functioning purpose.
Metering pumps are used to pump the chemical in to the flow stream or the reservoir with
precise and accurate amount of chemicals with the required back pressure. It may be a
continues process or an intermittent process with regards to the requirements of that package.
Instrumentation and control panels are the heart of the system which monitors and enable

control of the systems. All critical parameters are monitored through the system like the pump
flow rate, discharge pressure, temperature, pulsation etc.
Chemical injection storage tanks are vessels for the storage of the vital chemical solutions which
are to be injected. Its an all-important part of the system and are built according to the space
availability, specifications and applicable standards.
Piping and Valves at the suction and discharge sides are used in the transfer of the chemicals
through the pipes to the system. Ball valves, check valves, gate valves etc. in the piping network
all form part of the system.
The system is mounted on a skid for the portability and operational compatibility for the site.
The skid also provides the structural strength for the system while operational.
A Great Benefactor
Chemical injection packages have been a decisive factor in the improvement of profitability through lot
of the factors. They hydrate inhibition to avoid freezing in the production line, they enable separation
crude oil/water/gas, they remove the deposits of salt, wax and other minerals build up which causes
decrease in the production, prevents corrosion and more over they can be monitored and controlled
through the instrumentation panel and diagnostic software to monitor the performance. These all
factors and benefits combined together give the chemical injection system a great value and becomes
Solar energy has already made the system to be self-sustaining for the power source. The latest
advancements and engineering are focused on improving the performance of the chemical injection
packages by minimizing the size and maximizing the performance and thus derive much better efficiency
from the system. The reduced size will help to make it better suited with space constrained location and
reduced maintenance time and cost. The chemical injection packages are truly a great benefactor for the
oil and gas industry in its growth.

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