What Is Included In A Typical Pest Control Service?

Having pests in your home is more than the stress of an eyesore creeping out from under the furniture. Pests are harmful, not just for health but also for belongings. Take rodents, for example; rats and mice spread diseases like salmonella and Hantavirus, and also chew through wires and fabric. That said, you need to call for pest control Dubai promptly if you see or suspect pests around you.

While you can try to handle pests yourself, it's best to get the assistance of experts to ensure a thorough job. In his guide, we'll discuss how professionals in pest control services go about conducting their work. 

Step 1: Inspection and Planning 

When you call for pest control services, the first step is a meticulous examination. Inspection may be a separate visit, or it is followed by treatment in the same appointment. The course of action depends on the extent of pest infestation or if you want to start pest control the same day.

During pest inspection, pest technicians check all furniture and every crook and corner, paying attention to even the smallest thing to ensure they don’t miss anything. The process involves searching for search for entry points and signs of insect nesting. Some examples include gaps around doors and windows, garage, attic and basement, ventilation ducts, and pipes. 

Moreover, pest technicians search the outdoors. They look for signs of the source of bugs entering the house, such as water puddles and infested trees. 

Step 2: Elimination and Prevention

There are a few different methods involved in expert pest control:

Spraying Pesticides

The most common approach is to spray chemicals that can kill or repel pests. Experts apply pesticides both inside and outside of your home. For pest control that requires extensive spraying, you may need to vacate the premises for a while to ensure no one, human or pet, gets affected. 

Bait and Traps

Another practical method of pest control is baiting. Pest technicians strategically place poison bait in areas where pests take refuge or move around. Once the pests consume that bait, the poison eliminates them. Another way, trapping, involves placing food items that attract pests and physically immobilizing them with mechanical clasps or sticky mats. These methods are less direct than spraying pesticides, but also less invasive.


In some cases, technicians may use heat or cold to eradicate pests. Special equipment is set up in specific areas of your home to generate the necessary temperature. Extreme temperatures are effective in eliminating pests. However, you can use these methods everywhere, since the goal of professional pest control service is to keep your belongings safe while conducting their work.

Sealing Entryways

To prevent pests from coming back in the future, your pest control experts will close off their entry points. Cracks in the doors and window frames, pipes and drains, and other places are targets. For cracks, cement closures are effective. Adding grates and grills on drains keeps most pests at bay. 

Your pest control team will conduct treatment until the pests have vanished. It may take more than one appointment, possibly lasting a week, to ensure one hundred percent pest eradication.

Step 3: Advice & Follow-up

For effective pest control, continuous attention to pest prevention is necessary. Your pest experts will offer you guidelines on how to prevent access. The use of chemical treatments yourself is not ideal, as improper pest control DIYs can be dangerous. Rather, pest experts will advise you on how to keep the pests out, such as adding netting, sealing gaps, eliminating stagnant water indoors and outdoors, and so on.

Also, dealing with pesky insects means routine checkups and treatments. Quarterly or semi-annual pest inspections and eradications are a surefire way to ensure long-term relief. 

Pest Control Services “ Short-term Effort, Long-term Results

Dealing with a pest infestation can be incredibly frustrating and challenging to manage by yourself. Ensuring the safety and health of your home requires effective pest control measures. Whenever you encounter a pest problem, it is crucial to contact a reliable pest control company for assistance! 

You can trust your home or workplace pest infestation issues to a skilled pest control professional. Rely on a municipality-certified pest control company to ensure safety and a job well done.

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