Not been to the Global Village yet?

The winters in Dubai is synonymous to endless festivities. From shopping malls to the many parks and resorts, Dubai unfolds plenty of options to celebrate happy occasions or spend an eventful weekend. The Global Village is one winter attraction in Dubai that none should miss at any cost. It is literally a global village, encompassing the whole world under one umbrella. The place has pavilions themed on various nations ranging from the Asian countries to Europe, Africa and the Americas. Thousands of visitors flood into this merry-making land every year to indulge in the fun and frolic.

The pavilions are located one after one, each of them competing with the other in style, flamboyance and architectural elegance. Each pavilion exhibits and sells authentic products and traditional food coming all the way from their homelands. The traditional Kimonos of Japan, the Ghagras and Pashmina shawls of India, the genuine leather jackets from Pakistan, are all available here in attractive prices. The place also has live musicians, artisans and craftsmen in and around the pavilions. The ubiquitous food stalls every here and there bring in the foodie-mood to the place. The food stalls in Global Village serve a wide variety of food items from different parts of the world. The place has restaurants serving native cuisines of numerous countries; Chinese, Lebanese, Turkish, Persian, Indian, Thai and European to name a few.

\The long array of aromatic kiosks with their tempting look is where most of the food-lovers fall prey to, you cant blame them, because thats how irresistible they look and smell with everything from fries, pies, chips, chocolates, cheesecakes, baklawas, lassies, donuts, to burgers, sandwiches, parathas, sushi, smoothies, shrimps, kababs and what not! This is, in fact, one of the most crowded places inside the Global Village with people buying, bargaining, munching, licking and salivating eatables. The huge stage placed at the centre puts up amazing shows by talented artists.

The music shows and dance performances that take place here have always been crowd-pulling. The place also holds concerts and events featuring international artists. The Stunt Show at Global Village is one another mind-blowing thing to look for. Stunt heroes from around the world come and showcase unbelievable stunts that are gravity-defying and at times even death-defying! Get ready to go dumbfound at their spellbinding performance. If this isnt enough to contend a visitor, no worries, there is more coming, like the cherry on top of the cake, the Global Village has commenced with some strikingly new attractions that are worth the money and time.

The Lake & Fire Show with fiery fountains accompanied by worlds largest underwater LED screen, 70 flamethrowers and spectacular fountains, the performance is sure to evoke thrill and leave your mouths agape in utter wonderment. Circus Circus has hit the Global Village recently, opening up the doors to laughter and amazement. The many comic clowns and their insane acts added to the fantastic wire stunts and Russian Wheel of Death and much more are sure to entertain kids and adults alike.

The Carnaval space dazzles and rings with laughter and screams with the many interesting rides for kids, families and the adventure-loving. This vibrant space holds 31 exhilarating rides, 25 skill games and over a 100 arcade games. The picturesque beauty of the place has been achieved through its exotic design that portrays the worlds finest architectural brilliance one after one; the mighty French Eiffel Tower, the elegant Indian Taj Mahal, the eerie Egyptian Pyramids are all here.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to this festive land before its too late! The Global Village is way too vast and equally engaging is everything you get to experience there, so make sure that you leave early to make the most of it.

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