I was a mere zero when I first arrived here, but now I feel like home in Dubai: Sanjana Roy

In a seemingly male-oriented world, finding a platform for oneself is not a cakewalk for women. However, Dubai puts forth a distinct scenario with its many women-friendly policies, steps towards women empowerment and downright assurance for women’s safety. This has urged and encouraged many women to come out and realize their true potential. Meet one such outstanding female-face in Dubai – Sanjana Roy. 

Sanjana Roy is currently the Managing Director at Color Castle Advertising, United Arab Emirates. But Sanjana did not make it all happen in a single day. She has a story of unwavering hard-work, struggle and determination to tell.

As busy as always, Sanjana is driving down the roads of Dubai, but finds us some time to spare, to share her story.

dayofDubai: "What was your first step in this long journey? How did you begin?"

Sanjan Roy: "I have come a long way until this. It was not at all easy for me. Imagine a single parent arriving in the UAE with no acquaintances or relatives or friends here, completely stranded amidst the beautiful confusions of this city. That was me. That is where I started off from. I was a mere zero when I first arrived here at the airport. I had to find a sharing accommodation immediately, soon after which I got into job-hunting. I landed at my first job with “Signature Advertising”, which was indeed a stepping stone in my career. That was a great turning point in my life, where I learnt and explored the world around me. Despite its great success, unfortunately, the company had to shut down due to some reasons. And I feared if things were turning against me once again."

dayofDubai: "How did Color Castle Advertising take life?"

Sanjana Roy: "After the sad winding up of Signature Advertising I tried my luck with another partner starting off with another agency, ‘Creative Company’. Following some clashes with the partner, I had to quit that. But I was not emptied of the energy to fight back. Color Castle Advertising is a complete advertising agency. It took a lot of effort to bring it to the form that it has today. After the shutdown of Signature Advertising, I was left with some staff, all alone. But not without the grit to stand any adversities that came my way. My years of experience in this land had transformed me into a stronger person. I had the fortitude to overcome challenges. I had a handful of friends. Moreover, I was determined to win. And then there was no looking back. I channeled all my strength and energy towards realizing Color Castle Advertising. And today I am the Managing Director at Color Castle Advertising in Dubai, with a local partner, Mr. Marwan Nabil Abdulghaffar Ghuloom Hussain." 

dayofDubai: "Tell us something about Color Castle Advertising."

Sanjana Roy: "We, Color Castle Advertising are a group of passionate people bound by a common Love - storytelling. Our stories are about your brands, we weave them through design, visual, and digital media, bringing to you a plethora of ways to connect, engage and converse with your listeners.  Our services are wide and varied-all-encompassing and comprehensive, radiating the essence of your brand with you at its very center.  We strive to strike a harmonious balance of the innovative and the traditional.  Our insights thus aim at tomorrow's citizens but are founded on age-old truths
 â€œColor Castle Advertising”, is one of the leading advertising agencies in UAE since 2013 located in Mamzar offering one-stop branding solutions to our clients. We are seeking to offer creative ideas and services for your organization’s strong growth and success.
Our areas of expertise covers: Advertising, Branding, Digital & Events. All our services converge at one goal: our Client’s Brand. We provide a cohesive mix of offerings that assures an integrated, superlative branding experience
Over the years we have worked with a number of major clients including RTA, Dubai Health Authority, Union Coop, Saint Gobain, Concordia DMCC etc. 
We provide clients with Corporate Branding Materials, Corporate Gifts, Billboard & Signage’s, Kiosk & Exhibition Stand, Aerial Banners, Vehicle Graphics and many more which you can check out on our website,"

dayofDubai: "How long have you been in Dubai? What do you think about this place?"

Sanjana Roy: "I landed here in Dubai back in 2006. I hail from Kerala in India. But let me tell you, I consider Dubai my first home. If at all I leave for India, within 5 days I fly back to Dubai. That is how attached I am to this land; the one which lent me a helping hand when I was struggling. This land has seen me grow, nurture and become the person I am today. I must admit that women gain a lot of respect here than in India, which I firmly say in the light of the bitter experiences I have had back in my homeland. I wouldn’t even have been able to imagine starting a company there within a few days; but here, in Dubai, I could make it happen within just 10 days.
I feel more comfortable and safer here. I feel like home in Dubai."

dayofDubai: "Have there been any inspirations in this eventful journey of yours?"

Sanjana Roy: "Of course, I look up to Mr. Murali, my boss at Signature Advertising with great respect. I have seen him struggle, work hard and pull out the guts in him to fight against the challenges in life. I grasped my basic knowledge and understanding of advertising from him, for which I’ll forever be grateful to him. He has inspired me greatly."

dayofDubai: "Your story of success is a true inspiration to many. What do you want to tell to the hundreds of thousands of ambitious women out there?"

Sanjana Roy: "One thing I have realized and strongly believe in, throughout my life’s different phases is that, if you have the passion to drive yourself forward, if you are smart enough to face this world, and more importantly if you are ready to work hard for it, no doubt you can do much more than a man can do. 
I have worked really hard. I paved my own way. There were times when I survived as long as two days without food. It was never easy for me. My hard-work and prayers took me here. As for now, I am truly happy where I am. But I still have miles to go.
And always remember, ‘If you do good to others, goodness will find its way to you as well. And if people tend to hurt you, just ignore them and walk on."

Sanjana Roy’s is a story of success that was woven with fingers that bled hard work and a mind rooted on determination. She is mother to Ormitha, her daughter studying in grade 10, in Trivandrum International School, Kerala, India.

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