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Your personal chaffeur with a luxury car in Dubai

Your personal chaffeur with a luxury car in Dubai

Your personal chaffeur with a luxury car in Dubai

Chauffeur services in Dubai & UAE are currently one of the most popular transport services. It comes as no surprise – considering the lacking public transport system of the cities and the usual income level of those who come to emirates, limousine service becomes not only a display of vulgar luxury but a reasonably practical choice. However, it is easy to get lost in the intricate webbings of Arabic streets, and thus you can’t simply rent a car – a business chauffeur should go along with the business car. 

Therefore, the Limo service in Dubai is an irreplaceable benefit that makes your trip – whether tourist- or business-related – much more comfortable. Thankfully, if you need to rent a chauffeur service in Dubai, there are plenty of opportunities to do so! One of the leading providers of chauffeur services for business-class clients is TLT.ae. This business class chauffeur service operates a diverse fleet of premium-level cars, providing luxury car services of different classes. First, let’s dive into the car fleet to describe every offering correctly.


Even though sedans are slowly but steadily losing ground to mainstream SUVs in global sales, luxury sedans still remain as popular as a legendary symbol of success. 

Audi A6


The fourth generation of the renowned mid-size sedan from the luxury branch of Volkswagen comes with peppy V6 engines – either 2.8 or 3.0 L petrol or 3.0 L diesel ones. As a result, Audi A6 is sporty and swift, catchy and bold in its design while being spacious on the inside and compact on the outside. Simultaneously, this four rings beauty is a relatively humble, unassuming choice, which is helpful if you don’t enjoy many spotlights. 

Lexus ES 300h


Lexus ES 300h is a luxury Japanese mid-size sedan created by Toyota, which has a unique hybrid powertrain that consists of a 2,5 L inline-4 engine and electric motor—choosing a hybrid vehicle can, as such, be your ecological commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight against global warming. Furthermore, the fuel economy provided by the hybrid system makes this car a perfect choice for long trips since you will rarely have to refuel. 

BMW 7 Series 


The BMW 7 Series is a definition and a proud example of a sporty, luxury, full-size sedan. Its daring and provoking design is timeless, reflecting the spirits of its owner. You can’t drive moderately in this car – aggressive driving provides pure joy for both the driver and passenger. 

This Bavarian masterpiece has an incredibly spacious back seat row as a full-size sedan. Additionally, there are individual infotainment screens for both passengers and personal climate control/seat position settings.  

Mercedes-Benz S-Class 


Throughout more than half a century of its history, The Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse has always been and will always remain a prime example of pure luxury, fully supporting its Special name. If you think of a luxury car, you are most likely thinking of Mercedes Benz. It is a pinnacle of German engineering, refinement, technical complexity, and innovations. 

Its imposing look will always let the bystanders know that the VIP has arrived, and its backseat row comfort is second to none. While being driven around in this automobile, you will indeed be able to comprehend how successful you are. 



SUVs are becoming more and more favored by the day. That is due to their convenience – they have convenient ride height, convenient, spacious cabin, even convenient passenger access – while sacrificing nothing but a tiny bit of fuel economy and handling. 

Chevrolet Suburban


Chevrolet Suburban is an imposing humongous full-size SUV for those who arrive in big groups or with a family. Up to 8 passengers can be comfortably seated in this behemoth, which offers a smooth ride and surprisingly fast acceleration, primarily due to a torquey V8 gasoline engine. 

Cadillac Escalade 

Cadillac Escalade is a luxury, upscaled version of the already premium Chevy Suburban. It offers more in everything – a more powerful supercharged V8 engine, improved suspension setup, interior conveniences such as cooled seats, and safety features that are second to none. 


Minivans are currently in the shadows of the mighty SUVs. However, this does not mean that they are inferior – in fact, a lot of minivans are way more practical and functional than their SUV counterparts. 

Tesla Model X 


The Tesla Model X is a unique vehicle in many aspects. First of all, its body design stands at the crossroads between traditional crossover SUVs and minivans. Due to Elon Musk’s cheesiness, Model X uses unique falcon-wing doors for passenger access. Tesla’s drivetrain is, of course, fully electric, and the interior is futuristic and fresh. Consequently, those who own or rent Tesla will always stand out – not as an untouchable VIP but rather as a quirky, modern geek. 

Toyota Previa 


Toyota Previa is a relatively economical choice, still quiet, refined, and hassle-free. You can comfortably seat up to seven passengers, excluding the chauffeur. The vehicle is equipped with either the ecological hybrid system or a powerful naturally aspirated V6 engine which provides enough horsepower and torque to haul your family and stuff around the beauties of UAE. 

Honda Odyssey


Honda Odyssey lies within the same class as Toyota Previa and is a spectacular minivan with plenty of awards to its name, especially for its magnificent safety technologies and comfort level. Honda Odyssey can conveniently accommodate up to 7 passengers, and its quiet cabin and flexible adjustable seating make it a perfect van for long journeys through the sands of Arabia.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Mercedes-Benz V-class, also known by the name Vito, is a premium German minivan capable of accommodating up to 7 passengers in complete luxury. In addition, Mercedes-Benz V-Class comes fully equipped with innovative safety and convenience technologies. There is also one unique feature: the seats can be arranged to face each other, which is the perfect conference style for the meetings on the go.