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Women’s Fashion Guide: Why Choose Bespoke Clothing?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Women’s Fashion Guide: Why Choose Bespoke Clothing?

When people encounter custom-made clothing, some may think that they involve many extra steps to make, they are expensive, and they are only for fashionistas, celebrities, and wealthy individuals.

But bespoke clothing is now made available for everyone, thanks to the start-ups using technology to bring down its cost. These companies and designers create individually fitted, high-quality clothes and accessories – from jackets to evening and formal dresses to bags.
If you are still wondering if buying bespoke clothing is a worthy investment, here are six compelling reasons showing that they truly are.

1.    Bespoke clothing is hassle-free.
Convenience is one of the core perks of choosing bespoke clothing. All you have to do is to visit a reputable tailor, get measured, and wait for your clothes to be made. Another great alternative is to choose a ready-made dress from the tailoring shop and have it modified to your body shape, size, and liking.

2. It has a better fit.
Fit means everything if you want to look good in whatever attire you choose. It is the key to showing off your shape and curves in the most flattering way.
That is the main goal of custom-made garments. These are well-adjusted to your specific measurements while giving enough comfort and ease. A custom-made dress will not be too loose or tight because this can overthrow your confidence.
Bespoke means you can adjust the following aspects:
●    The length of the sleeves and your pants
●    The width of your neck area
That is why you must know your body type. You have to dress to flatter your current body and not the one you are hoping to get after months of becoming physically active and dieting.
Buying bespoke evening dresses, for example, means that you get one that fits like it is your second skin. It should flatter your body contour, accentuate your best features, and conceal any that you want to stay hidden.

3. It allows personalization.
Ready-to-buy clothes have limits in terms of how much of your personality is reflected. On the contrary, bespoke clothing gives you more room to bring out your individuality.
So if you are searching for a unique piece that shows off your personality, fashion experts can customise dresses that tell your story. You just have to schedule an appointment, have your measurements taken, choose your style and design, and wait for some days or weeks. You can also select from their existing styles in-store and have them altered in-house to get the best fit.  
Prominent tailoring companies work not just with a wide range of high-quality fabrics, but multiple design options and features as well. Collaborate with them and bring out your creativity so you can get outfits that reflect who you really are.
Some of the features you can personalize include:
●    Collar design – Whether you want a button-down, conventional point, pin, spread, or tab collar, having bespoke clothing made allows you to choose the type of collar that enhances your face and upper body.
●    Colour – Your choice of color will depend on the first impression and mood you want to give off the minute you enter the room.
●    Matching stripes – Add these features for more stylized or flashier outfits.
●    Pocket shape – You can deviate from the usual appearance of pockets to get a cleaner and more comfortable feel whenever you wear your bespoke clothes.

4. It comes with better quality.
With off-the-rack clothes, quality is not always the priority. They are usually mass-produced using industrial machines. Basically, these garments do not pass through the hands of professional tailors who inspect every detail. But with bespoke clothing, it is an entirely different story.
Custom tailoring companies value precision. They can make the necessary adjustments on the spot and check for inconsistencies. Moreover, they follow the correct number of stitches for every inch to keep the fabric more durable.
Before the process starts, you can choose from a wide range of fabrics, including wool, leather, cotton, silk, blended natural fibers, and artificial fibers. This will ensure that you can wear outfits that suit your environment.
For warmer regions like Dubai, you can try fabrics that are lighter to ensure maximum comfort. But for cooler places, choose heavier-weight fabrics or those with a tighter blend or weave to keep you warm.

5. It is long-lasting.
In a world where there are plenty of off-the-rack clothes and temporary goods, you must invest wisely. Think ahead and don’t get blindsided by the asking price.
Because of the overall quality and materials used, bespoke clothing is guaranteed to be a smart purchase. These garments are designed to outlast mass-produced items, so they must never surprise you with major defects. In most cases, any problem – which often entails tiny adjustments – that may arise later on can be managed easily by a competent tailor.
To extend the life of bespoke clothing, tailors may add the following extras:
●    French seams – These seams add more durability and security to the garment, preventing the thread from getting damaged or caught up. They also give the clothes a clean finish.
●    Gussets – This refers to a piece of fabric inserted in the lower side seams and other stress points of the clothing to make it more comfortable by reducing the amount of stress applied on those points.

6. It is straightforward.
Finally, going bespoke is more straightforward when it comes to the outcome, as opposed to shopping for clothes in a store, which can often feel like torture if you don’t like bargain hunting.
When working with tailors, it is guaranteed that you will get something you need. It may entail a bit of waiting, but there will be less effort and time wasted compared to going to a store and ending up seeing “unavailable” and “sold out” items.
If your job or an upcoming event calls for dressing up well, custom-made dresses are your best option. These won’t only save you effort and time, but dressing in bespoke clothing will also boost your reputation.
Gone are the days when custom-made clothing was expensive and unnecessary. Today, these are your best choices if you are looking for long-lasting garments that can showcase your personal style and help you gain a step above other well-dressed individuals.
Although going bespoke means waiting relatively longer to receive your clothing, the time and effort spent in finding high-quality garments overall is significantly reduced. And the key to ensuring maximum satisfaction is to communicate well with an established tailoring company. Inform them about your needs and preferences. Also, listen to their suggestions. After all, they are sure to have been dressing thousands of people for many years.