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Why You Need an Annual Maintenance Contract in Dubai

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Why You Need an Annual Maintenance Contract in Dubai

Why You Need an Annual Maintenance Contract in Dubai
You love living in Dubai. You’re here with your family and some of your friends have settled here, too. You’ve also made new friends and have a thriving social life. Of course, a big plus is the year-round sunny weather you get to enjoy in your beautiful home.
However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. You have to deal with year-round maintenance challenges as the dust and hot and humid weather during summer take their toll on your home.

Besides, the transient nature of Dubai means it can be hard to find reliable and trustworthy maintenance help when you need it. This is where getting an annual maintenance contract Dubai makes sense, especially for your peace of mind.
What Is an Annual Maintenance Contract?
There are two ways to obtain maintenance services when you need them in Dubai. You can call and pay for a service as and when you need it or sign up for an annual maintenance contract and get service for free or at a low cost.
Pay per Visit
The pay-per-visit model works exactly how you envision it does. If your pipes burst, you call a plumber or a plumbing services company. They will work on your pipes, and you will pay them for the service and materials. You might also have to pay a convenience fee if you call in the middle of the night or request emergency service.
Annual Maintenance Contract
An annual maintenance contract works like insurance. You pay a fixed amount every year, which guarantees you certain services and benefits, which are itemised in your contract.
You usually get scheduled preventative maintenance visits as part of the annual maintenance contract. That could be air-conditioning services (one scheduled four months apart, for instance) and annual electrical and plumbing checks.
Aside from scheduled preventative maintenance visits, you also get a fixed number of emergency and non-emergency call-outs, say, 24 AC, electrical and plumbing repair call-outs. Companies that offer annual maintenance contracts have call centres handling booking call-outs, and you can call them 24 hours a day all year round.
On any of these calls, you will not pay for labour. The service comes free, as do small, consumable parts like bolts and screws. You will have to pay for replacement parts, of course. For instance, if they replace your pipes, you’ll be charged for the replacement pipes.
You are also guaranteed set emergency and non-emergency response times with an annual maintenance contract. 

What happens if you exceed your maximum number of call-outs? In that case, you’ll have to pay for every service in excess, as if you’re on a pay-per-visit plan. However, your annual maintenance contract could also come with discounts on extra call-outs and add-on services.
The Benefits of an Annual Maintenance Contract
 If you’re considering an annual maintenance contract, there are many reasons to get one.
1.    Service Anytime
Imagine your pipes bursting and flooding your kitchen floor. If that’s not a problem enough, the incident could happen in the middle of the night. It’s way past the working hours of the plumber in your neighbourhood.
Without an annual maintenance contract, you would have two options. First, you could scour the internet for a service provider that offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services. That would work, except you would have to pay a premium for that service. Not only would you need emergency work done, but you'd also be asking for it in the wee hours of the morning.
Second, you could wait for it to be light out before seeking professional help. You could look for the kitchen water mains and switch it off so the flooding can subside. Meanwhile, you would have to accept not having any water for cooking or washing in the kitchen until the pipes have been repaired.
The picture changes when you have an annual maintenance contract. In this case, you can call for emergency service no matter the time. Maintenance companies with yearly maintenance contracts provide service 24/7, and they have guaranteed service timeframes, too.
2.    Cost Savings
When you have an annual maintenance contract, maintenance work is more affordable. First, your fee buys you a set number of maintenance call-outs and preventative maintenance services. If you compute the number of call-outs and preventive maintenance services you're getting for the amount you're paying, you know you're getting the better end of the deal.
However, one might ask. You don't really save if you don't use your call-outs, do you?

Well, you're still getting an annual electrical and plumbing check-up plus regular AC services. These should easily account for a significant portion of your yearly maintenance fee. As for the part of the fee you feel you did not consume, think of it as the price you pay for peace of mind.
3.    Peace of Mind
With an annual maintenance fee, you can have a minimum number of regular AC check-ups and cleaning. That, in itself, should be reassuring. There's no reason your AC should suddenly break down in the intense summer heat.
However, even if your air conditioner suddenly stops working, you would be assured that you would suffer only the most minor inconvenience. Your annual maintenance contract guarantees you service as soon as possible.
Thus, you will have peace of mind with an annual maintenance contract. There will be no need to search for an emergency maintenance specialist and pay through the nose to get repairs done. You know you will always have someone to call and rely on for maintenance and repair services whenever you need them.
Selecting Your Annual Maintenance Contract Provider
Not all maintenance companies are the same, just as not all annual maintenance contracts are equal. To get the best out of your annual maintenance contract, compare your options to find a yearly maintenance plan that offers what you need at the best possible price point.
At the very least, your annual maintenance contract must include periodic AC cleaning and check-up plus an annual plumbing and electrical check-up. The provider must also have a responsive booking team available 24/7 and a short, guaranteed service dispatch time frame.
Finally, choose a company with extensive experience and a high trust rating. They should have a proven track record of providing the services they promise. You can check out their company reviews for this.
Annual Maintenance Contract: You Need It
Like insurance, you don't need an annual maintenance contract — until you do. Then, you must have it badly and urgently, at which point you'd probably pay an arm and a leg for the service you need because you have no alternative. 

Even if you live in the best address in Dubai, your beautiful home in Dubai would be unliveable without running water, electricity, gas for cooking, and air-conditioning.
So, save yourself the trouble and the hassle by signing up for an annual maintenance contract, and love the peace of mind it brings.