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Use Bubble LP Mailers in Five Innovative Ways

Use Bubble LP Mailers in Five Innovative Ways


When it comes to delivering smaller objects, packaging can be a problem. It's simple to deliver larger objects or objects in bulk, but if you have just one object that still needs to be protected, what can you use? 4Bubble provides a kind of packaging called an LP Record Mailer. It's a box ideally fitted for mailing records securely, but it has multiple purposes. Here are five ways to use Bubble LP Mailers.

Trade Record Collections!

Records and record players are coming back into trend. However, purchasing new copies of old records from the store can be costly. A better bet would be to join online communities meant for business records. When transporting records, it's essential that they continue to be flat, dry, cool, and cushioned. Bubble LP mailers assist the delivery needs of records ideally-after all, this is why they were created!

Care Packages

LP Mailers are a better way to ship simple care packages to loved ones, particularly students. Care packages full of stationary are wonderful gifts to send to students during stressful times of the year, like midterms and finals week. The flat shape of the box still has some dimension, so it can support packs of stickers, note pads, or even pens.

Sensitive Cargo, Such As Books

In a style similar to records, books and other sensitive documents need to remain flat, cushioned, and dry. Excessive heat can also cause discoloration and warping in paper, so similarly, LP Mailers are cushioned and are not entirely flat, so they are able to hold and send products such as books.

Stamping Your Logo on the Box

If you are seeking to use LP Mailers for your small business, you could stamp your logo on top of the plain brown cardboard to add some flair to your delivery! Packaging is a part of product presentation, so it is still essential. Simple packaging and stamping can still be beautiful and enticing with a bit of effort. LP Mailers are easy and affordable but can still be a very powerful way of creating brand awareness.

Ship Any Small Object in Comfort and Security

When your business is shipping small, flat objects, such as stencils, posters, or calligraphy art, you want a package that is ready to support its wants and safeguard it from the external factors. Bubble Mailers are the ideal packaging because they don't take up more room than is essential and they are affordable to deliver due to their light weight. With Bubble Mailers, you can send any small, flat object in comfort and security.

Author Name: Ted Mosbii