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Tips To Maintain Your Rental Car in Summer

Tips To Maintain Your Rental Car in Summer

Tips To Maintain Your Rental Car in Summer

Protecting your rental car is essential whether you're using it temporarily or permanently so you can return it in the same condition and save money on repairs. As soon as you obtain the keys to the car, damage prevention starts. 

The car's paint job, interior, tyres, windscreen, and tyres must all be taken into account, as well as how you plan to maintain the vehicle while you own it. 

If You are Renting a car in Dubai at Summar Time, it could be a challenge, whether you have a luxury car or a cheap one. 

So, here are a few quick recommendations to help you keep your rental car in great shape and return it without paying additional fees.

Road vacations may be fun and reasonably priced compared to flying, but they can be hard on the car, truck, or SUV putting in all those miles. After a lengthy journey, you must execute various car care duties to maintain your automobile in good condition. These tasks go above and beyond what you normally do for a rental car.

Inspecting the rental automobile as summer approaches is wise to ensure it is still in excellent shape. Here are some recommendations for maintaining your automobile in Dubai's hot weather.

Maintain the Air Conditioning

Automobiles need to be maintained comfortably, just as people do. Since the car's air conditioner works hard throughout the summer, it must be maintained often to ensure it operates at its best. Everything has to be carefully inspected, including the refrigerant, compressor, thermostat, and filters.

Check the Tires

Rubber makes tyres, which are especially vulnerable to temperature increases. It also concerns car safety. Thus, they should receive more focus during the sweltering months. We encourage you only to check tyre pressure while the tyres are cold and not to inflate them more than the manufacturer's suggested pressure. That's because heat causes the air inside to expand, which results in inaccurate tyre pressure measurements.

Cover Your Seats

Do you too experience the heat of your car's seats while you're on them? We also have a solution for such a situation if the response is yes. Before you leave, cover them with a blanket to keep them from burning. In order to improve your driving, you can also position it below your elbow.

Check the Battery

Extreme heat can cause the battery's liquids to evaporate, harming the interior cells and increasing the possibility that the automobile will break down. The high temperatures might also bring on a failure in the battery charging mechanism. The voltage regulator is to blame, as it permits a rapid charging rate that finally destroys the battery.

Check the Filter

The filter is essential in preventing trash and metal shavings from contaminating the oil system. Special care must be taken to ensure that the filter and radiator fins are clear of debris for optimal performance. More dirt will be captured by a clean filter system, and the oil will stay pure.

Keep the Engine Cool 

Every vehicle functions at its best in a variety of climates. Extremely low temperatures can be equally harmful as extremely high ones. You should be concerned about the last in a location like Dubai. Make sure the car's engine cooling system works as effectively as possible. The coolant should be examined right away if you notice that it is draining quickly. This might indicate a leak.

Protect the Body of the Car

Direct sunlight comes into touch with the car's exterior. Protecting it is therefore necessary. As a result, make an effort to always park your vehicle in the shade as opposed to in the sun.

It is more probable that you won't have covered parking if you are renting a car. In this case, you should cover the automobile with a car body cover to prevent direct sunlight exposure. This is crucial during the summer in the UAE when sandstorms are frequently expected.

Early preventative maintenance is key

Preventative maintenance, scheduled before the summer season, helps you reduce downtime during the peak season, which may first look like it would be unprofitable to do on a vehicle before it is due.

Additionally, it will be simpler to plan and find transportation. You might be able to negotiate lower prices for the required services if many people arrive at once.


It is usually preferable to do the summer maintenance before the start of the season. A well-maintained vehicle is so prepared for travel before the summer itself. Additionally, regular maintenance should be performed because the summer months can be difficult on your leased automobile order to avoid any problems when driving. To make your trip more secure and comfortable, you may also refer to our post on the essentials for your rental car.