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Things to Pack Along When You Travel During the Pandemic

Source: unsplash.com – Victor He

Things to Pack Along When You Travel During the Pandemic

With COVID-19 vaccines becoming widely available and travel restrictions throughout the world loosening, there is a high possibility you are looking to schedule a vacation. While you are undoubtedly excited to finally see your relatives and friends — or you wish to travel to a new place — you may be concerned about how to get there safely. 

As travelling continues, it's more essential than ever to put proper hygiene first, to protect ourselves and others. Hence, it is important to take note of what to prepare for safe travels. 

Phone and Passport
There is a possibility that your phone and passport, as the most important items, may slip your mind after thinking of what to pack for a safe trip. Meanwhile, having to go back home just to pick up these two would be a hassle that could lead to you missing your flight and destroy your overall holiday mood. To prevent from forgetting the most important things, it is best to prioritize these two and keep them in your carry-on bag before starting to pack for the trip.

Camera and Tripod
When you travel, your family and friends would definitely want to know what you have been up to, and pictures cover it all. A camera is considered as one of the necessary items to bring when you are on a trip to savour the view even after you’re safely back home. However, there would be times when you’d want to take a picture of yourself with the view and extending your arm to fit everything in the frame wouldn’t really make the cut. 
Instead of asking a stranger to help, bring along a sturdy tripod on your trips to help you with your photos. This is due to hygiene purposes - you would not want a stranger to touch your phone or camera and they would not want to touch yours too.  To be safe, a tripod would definitely save your travelling shots and capture all those beautiful moments without any worries.

Face Masks
Masks are already an essential part of our daily lives, but they are much more so for travellers. If you are keen on fabric masks and that you may not have the access to a washing machine, it is recommended to pack along lots of masks. 
Masks are not recommended to be worn several times as it may expose you to the bacteria and germs. In addition, if you are going to a place with a distinct environment, bring several choices of masks, such as fabrics or N95. You could also look for one that specializes for certain activities, humidity levels, or temperatures. 

Antibacterial/Disinfectant Wipes or Spray
It is an excellent practice to wipe off any valuables like your cameras, phones, keys, and wallets after a day of touring and sightseeing. Carry a pack of antibacterial wipes or spray with you as a simple method to keep your items clean on a daily basis. It is also useful for decontaminating objects such as your flight's desk, light switches, door knobs, and seat grips.

Hand Soap and Sanitizer
Because of COVID, travelling exposes you to a slew of germs that may lead to sickness, including viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and fungus. It is especially vital to wash your hands regularly with hand soap. The ideal method is to wash them for approximately 20 seconds with soap and water, then dry them with a piece of tissue or toilet paper. However, you may not have frequent access to water everywhere, hence, a bottle of hand sanitiser is the next best thing. Always have one in your bag with at least 70% alcohol contains and spread it all over your hands until it evaporates.