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The Most Romantic Flowers for Your Girlfriend

The Most Romantic Flowers for Your Girlfriend

The Most Romantic Flowers for Your Girlfriend

Do you want to surprise your partner with flowers, but don't know which bouquet is the right one for this? Which ones are the best for Valentine's Day, birthday, or even the marriage proposal?

The answers to these questions are much easier than you might think.


Which flowers to choose?

If you already know what flowers your girlfriend likes, then the search for the perfect bouquet will be dramatically shorter. If you still have doubts about the choice, select according to your girlfriend's character and be sure to take into account her favorite color. You can even find one that matches their mood, character, and favorite colors. For example, you can pick a peony bouquet in the color of your chosen one's favorite shoes. To simplify your life, we have figured out the 8 most romantic flowers that will make your girlfriend happy no matter the occasion.


What could be more eloquent than a red rose on Valentine's Day? This ancient symbol of love is an unmistakable gift that's sure to please. This flower is considered a sign of prosperity, love, and affection. Red and pink roses are the two most popular color options for gifts to women. Besides, red roses are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of flower bouquet.

These days, the number of roses you get doesn't matter anymore, but in the past, how many roses you give made a big difference and had hidden meanings. If you want to make a special impression on your girlfriend, you can combine your roses with an additional gift, such as a basket of goods, delicious chocolates, or a bottle of champagne. This will take your gift to a whole new level.


The happy and warm feeling you get when you are with your girlfriend can be wonderfully expressed with sunflowers. It not only symbolizes the qualities of the sun but also stands for loyalty and faithfulness. It is therefore very suitable if you are in a long-distance relationship. Furthermore, the bright yellow colors of sunflowers can easily improve your mood. You can give your girlfriend such beautiful bouquet all year round, even if it always make you think of summer. This cheerful flower can also be an addition to a bouquet, not its main piece.


White lilies are particularly popular flowers, as a gift for a girlfriend. They most often represent devotion or purity. In Greek myths, lilies are associated with rebirth and motherhood. First and foremost, however, lilies are associated with good luck. If your girlfriend could use some luck or you want to remind her that you are devoted to her, lilies are the right flowers for you.


Even though tulips are mostly associated with the Netherlands, they are one of the best flowers you can give to a woman. They represent certain qualities of love, such as warmth and security. These beautiful flowers are an inexpensive, yet excellent gift idea for a gift. Tulips are available in different colors, so you can choose one or create a unique colorful bouquet.


Daisies symbolize beauty, innocence, and purity. They come in different colors so you can buy and send these beautiful flowers to your girlfriend as a mixed bouquet or in your sweetheart's favorite colors. You can never go wrong with traditional white daisies, though.


Gerberas symbolizes simplicity, beauty, and happiness. A bouquet of these beauties is said to lift your spirits and boost your optimism. While the flower itself is not romantic in nature, a bunch of pink gerberas or a few scarlet flowers in a bouquet will add romance to your message and hint at the beginnings of passionate feelings.


It seems impossible to look at an orchid without admiration. Their noble and sophisticated look embodies exquisite femininity and special charm. Orchids make a great gift for a woman in your life, who deserves the best. They can be in a bouquet or in a pot, depending on the girl's preference. The potted version will last much longer, with new flowers blossoming two or three times a year.


Lisianthus is sometimes called the «modern rose». Their delicate and lush buds captivate girls' hearts at first sight. It symbolizes deep and very tender romantic feelings, making it the perfect gift for the one you love most in the world. Nature has designed the buds to have a wide color range, so you can pick whatever your girlfriend might like. They look great in an armful or as a highlight in a mixed bouquet.


Giving your girlfriend the right flowers is easy if you follow the simple tips. First, think about your girlfriend and what flowers she has enjoyed in the past. If you still end up not knowing which ones are right for her, go with roses. Roses are almost always a good choice.