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Know about the Dubai Visa, currency, festivals and more

Know about the Dubai Visa, currency, festivals and more


Dubai is the biggest town in the UAE and welcomes millions of ocean-wide visitors. We list here information that may work for you in order to retain your trip to this innovative and world-famous town.

Dubai – Visa (Types, Apply mode & Supporting Documents)
A valid Dubai Visa is needed if you want to visit, or remain for a short time. You can get travel, transit and visas according to the amount of days and type of travel.

Starting from 48 hours vacation to a 3-month long holiday, Dubai Visa is based on your interests.
• 30 Days Tourist Visa
• 96 Hour Transit Visa
• 14 days Transit Visa
• 30 days tourist visa
• Single Entry Short Term Visa 90 Days
• Multi-Entry Long Term Visa 90 Days
• Multi-Entry Short Term Visa 30 Days

Application Mode:
Contact an authentic and verified travel company and fill out the online visa application form with your name, year of birth, nationality, email, date of travel etc.
Submit the well-scanned and clear records required for processing.
Complete the payment form with your debit / credit card through a guaranteed portal.

Dubai Time
While we are working in India at 10.30 am, Dubai’s time runs behind by 1.30 hours and strikes at 9.00 am. The time zone of Dubai and UAE is UAE standard time. It is four hours in front of Coordinated Universal Time.

Therefore, the best time to call Dubai from India for meetings or conferences is between 10.30 am and 6.00 pm (in Dubai, working hours would be daily from 9 am to 4:30 pm).

Dubai Currency
The UAE's currency is dirham, abbreviated formally as ' AED. ‘1 AED = 19.33 INR 1 AED = 0.27 USD

Dubai Festivals
It's the most holy month in the UAE. Muslims are seeking spiritually close to God. They participate in peaceful acts. They don't eat food and water between dawn and sunset. So you see a unchaotic, patient Dubai throughout this period. The non-Muslims are told not to eat, drink or smoke in public, in order to respect the locals who are part of this festival. The open restaurants are located behind the screens until sunset, stores last for a few hours and supermarkets stay open all day long. The licensed nightclubs will be opened, but after sunset only some will serve alcohol.

Dubai Shopping Festival
DSF is held every year in January as the largest shopping case in the world. The festival features large deals and discounts for the expansion of your wardrobe. This bonanza welcomes millions of individuals from all around the globe, participates throughout the town. Dubai Mall, The Emirates Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, Bur Juman are just some of the popular resorts for you to buy from clothing to fittings. There are daily raffles where you can win a Nissan car, 32 kg gold or huge cash back.

Dubai Food Festival
Are you a food connoisseur? Feel the heaven in your mouth, all under one roof while you try the best delights. Food festivals present incredible food activities and promotions in Dubai. It shows the hospitality and delicious food scenes of the town. If you know more than 1000 restaurants and 30 well-known chefs are engaged, you understand that it is a great gastronomic feast. Relish and savour the unique offerings from Dubai’s cuisine.