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How to Grow Your E-commerce Business to the Next Level?

According to research published by BigCommerce and Square, there is no indication of slowing the rise of e-commerce with 23 percent growth year over year. The same study has found that 51% of Americans and 67% of millennials prefer shopping online rather than in-store and 36% of Americans shopping budgets spend online.

Although this clearly represents a great opportunity for online companies, the key question is how to differentiate a service. Online sales also tend to outsize brick-and-mortar companies ' sales figures. Consumers now buy 51% on the Internet, up from 48% in 2015 and 47% in 2014. E-commerce is the future of how the world shops and the potential for the sector is immense.
With this boom has come exponential growth in e-commerce businesses, making competition fierce. How, then, do you stand out from your competitors?
Your advertising strategy is one of the best strategies for success. Via foot traffic, moving customers and signs, these businesses are equipped with typical shop front stores. An e-commerce business is different: nobody accidentally visits your shop. You should take them there, that means.

It is important to remember that in e-commerce, not only small brands compete with themselves, but also corporations like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba.com. That is why it is so relevant for marketing and branding. In this article we will look at some of the best ways to bring your advertising and your business to the next level.

Social media matters:
Some experts, particularly Facebook, advise to concentrate on social media. Here, a typical 152% return on investment with much lower potential ROI is seen. For your brand new fans, Facebook is perfect, whether you offer apps, shoes or beautiful jewelry. There is no abnormal feedback on your ad spending of over 700 million.
Nevertheless, without time and effort, these advantages will not become true. For the best use of Facebook ads and for the sake of positive results, it is necessary to have extensive testing. It is not enough to have a page: company owners must make special deals and promotions actively, react and sell.

Finally, it is important to increase the "social signals" of a website for e-commerce, which is the total share, popularity and social presence of a website in particular. Social media is good not only for marketing, but also for the SEO of your website. In this regard, social signals are paramount and are essential to your marketing strategy and therefore business success.

Promotional emails:
Research shows that 44% of consumers have been allowed to click and actually buy promotional emails. A good rule of thumb is to send four emails in the first month after a customer signs up for more information. After all, they signed up for a reason so you should get in touch to remind them of that. You could base each of the emails around one of the top four reasons customers love your products.

A good looking website:
Another significant aspect of your marketing strategy is websites. Time and money to make sure the website is as attractive to potential customers as possible. As a business owner of e-commerce, it is important that you have the best e-commerce site for your needs, as this makes them profitable.

However, a return on investment has been shown with the best possible protection. Research shows that approximately 70 percent of shopkeepers abandon their cart because they have no confidence.
Finally, it is important to ensure that you can access your website from a mobile phone. To online retailers, mobile apps are key now. In addition, mobile commerce is the future of e-commerce, given the number of potential customers reachable through their phones and mobile apps.

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