Don't wilt away this summer
The HEAT is On! Don't wilt away this summer

As the temperature and humidity increases steeply we have to be more careful to avoid heat related illnesses. Tips to prevent heat illness;

• Drink plenty of water to maintain hydration.
• Drink electrolyte drinks if you sweat excessively.
• Not be exposed to sun for long periods.
• Personal Hygiene - take showers before and after work outside.
• Use Sun protection cream to protect your skin from sun burn.
• Allow your body to acclimatize to the heat and the work. This usually takes about two weeks.
• Healthy Eating – avoid oily/fatty foods, sodas - eat fruits & vegetables instead
• Enough Rest – get enough rest and avoid alcohol, caffeine
• Urine check/chart – check your urine color for signs of dehydration
• Clothing – Wear comfortable/loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing such as cotton.
• Personal Protective Equipments – use hats, coveralls, sunscreens
• Schedule work to minimize heat exposure. Do the hardest physical work during the coolest part of the day (early morning or late afternoon)
• Take appropriate breaks while working outdoors.
• Take rest breaks in a cool, shaded or well ventilated area. Take more breaks during the hottest part of the day or when doing hard physical work. Allow your body to cool down before you resume working again.
• Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of heat stress in yourself and of your co-workers. Avoid working alone.
• Avoid eating large meals before working in hot environment
• Avoid alcohol or beverages with caffeine. These makes the body loose water and increase the risk of heat stress
• Wear light clothing that permits the evaporation of sweat(e.g., cotton clothing).Use of sunscreen and cover your head while working outside

Child Safety in Hot Weather

Hot weather can be dangerous for babies and young children as well. Babies and young children should be watched carefully during hot weather. They can quickly lose body fluids through perspiration, which leads to dehydration. Here are suggestions to take care of your children during hot weather:

• Children, like adults , need to drink fluids regularly.
• It is advisable that they wear light clothing to reflect sunlight instead of dark colors that absorb heat.
• Children are advised not to play in severe heat or air humidity – if not, it should be an indoor place away from the sun and take frequent breaks as well.
• When in the beach, they should be protected with sunscreens
especially on the exposed part of the body.
Never leave a baby or child alone inside the car, even in cool weather. Even in mild weather, cars quickly become too hot for small children

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