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Future of Web Development: 20 Web Design Trends for 2019

Future of Web Development: 20 Web Design Trends for 2019

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Technology has come a long way from the past years; we have seen the development of and changes in web design trends. Mobile domination has enabled web designers to change and introduce advanced elements into their profession. We can now view content from our phones. The number of internet users in the UAE is more than 90% with most of them visiting online shopping sites or social media.

What Web Design Trends Mean for Web Developers Web developers need to stay ahead of the competition that is why they must create user-friendly pages. The web pages should be compatible with everyday devices like phones and tablets. The leading brands also provide apps for easier access.

Web Design Trends that will Dominate 2019

Web designing 2019

Different factors influence the development of web design, for instance, Artificial intelligence. Although some designs are from the previous years, the following web design trends are sure to dominate 2019.

1.    Minimalism

This is one of the classic web design trends and is a reliable artistic feature because the pages are easy to scroll and few elements prevent confusion.

2.    Chatbots

Chatbots will be present on webpages with advanced customization. This is because of the advancement in AI.

3.    Black-and-White Palettes

Color is an essential aspect of web design; however, black-and-white can have a greater impact. This is because adding these colors helps to highlight the important parts.

4.    Natural Shapes

Although symmetric shapes like triangles have been used in web design for an extended period, 2019 trends focus on organic shapes because they are unique.

5.    Micro-interactions

This feature is meant to surprise the audience by introducing an unforeseen response, for instance, a beeping sound when you refresh a page.

6.    Glitch Art

This trend draws the viewer the disoriented and glitch sections of the website. Glitch art gives your website a psychedelic appearance.

7.    VideoVideo is one of the oldest web design trends; the only difference is that we expect more content. This is because search engines like Google provide mixed search results.

8.    Thumb-friendly NavigationThis trend is significant because of the increasing number of smartphone users and the fact that most use the thumb to scroll through the device.

9.    Authentic Textures

Consumers weigh the value of a brand based on its authenticity. Although not new, this is among the web design trends whose popularity is increasing because consumers vouch for brands that use unique content.

10.    Curated Visuals

This is among the dominating web design trends because the visuals are unique and they can quickly display important information. Knowing your audience will help you to create curated designs that are engaging.

11.    Transitions

With progress in parallax effects, web designers can create specific elements as well as use horizontal or vertical transitions. Even a simple change can make a difference in your design.

12.    Diversity

Including different cultures, religions, and races will increase your digital popularity because you will connect with different people. For instance, Apple’s emojis include different skin tones.

13.    Serifs

Serifs are not only for print but also for the screen they are perfect for making emphasis and for decorative purposes. Web designers are embracing serifs in callouts because of their flexibility.

14.    Vibrant Colors

Warmer tones have taken over web design trends in 2019. Consumers crave colors such as neon and metallic. Most enterprises use bold and high contrast colors to represent their brands.

15.    3 Dimensions

With the advancement in technology, web designers can create realistic pictures, and this trend is quickly rising.

16.    Split Content

One of the reasons this is among the most popular web design trends is because it can display more than one message. Split content enables the audience to decide whether to continue viewing your page.

17.    Cinemagraphs

Unlike GIFs, cinemagraphs contain a single moving element. The objective is to make the scene livelier. The movements are repeated to create a sense of continuity.

18.    Lazy Loading

This is not to be confused with slow loading on the contrary the pages appear when they are needed. As you scroll down the page, new information emerges.

19.    Animations

Animations are among the top web design trends that are expected to continue dominating this sector. This is because web designers can use new designs such as CSS and GIF videos.

20.    Utilizing the Grid

Web designers are no longer limited to controlled columns and grids. They can use irregular grids to create revolutionary designs. The blank space is among the popular features of this design.

The invention of smartphones and the rise of social media users have forced web designers to improve their skills. This has led to new trends that make it easy to access web pages. Some trends come to stay while others last for a short while. What matters for web designers is to keep learning and improving their skills.