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Four Ways To Update Your Living Room


Four Ways To Update Your Living Room

Thinking of updating your living room? Depending on your budget there are many ways in which you can update the room. If you are looking to make changes on a budget, you could install artwork on the wall or purchase some plants to add some colour to the room. If you are looking to make bigger changes you could look to update your seating with new furniture sets. Alternatively, you could install new flooring. Either way, below we look into four ways to update your living room. 

Update your furniture  When was the last time you updated your furniture? If it was a long time ago, now could be the time for a change. Purchasing a new chair and a furniture set can instantly update the room, adding a whole new dynamic. Making changes to your furniture allows you to switch up the colour patterns you use and add texture with different materials. At the same time, you could move your furniture around and see if your sofa or chairs work better in a different location. 

Update your flooring Just like your furniture, when was the last time you updated your flooring? Your flooring can have a big say on how the room looks. Carpets can make a room feel warmer but are also harder to clean. Laminate flooring on the other hand tends to be cheaper to install but is easier to maintain in the long run. Both come at an expense, meaning you will need to have a larger budget if you want to update your flooring. If you want to update your flooring and other parts of the room, make the flooring the last thing you change. This way you don’t have to think about covering it up when painting the room. 

Add some artwork to the wall Artwork is great for breaking up large plain spaces, it allows you to express who you are as a person and can add colour to your room. You can hang up some of your own artwork if you enjoy painting, alternatively purchase some professional prints. Artwork comes in all shapes and sizes, allowing it to fit in all different places in your room. If you aren’t a fan of art, you could look into hanging some pictures you have taken or have some professional photos taken that you can have printed. The great thing about having artwork or pictures on the wall is that you can easily change them when you feel like something new. 

Purchase some plants  When looking to update your living room, look to purchase some plants for some quick changes on a budget. Plants are great for adding a new dynamic to your room and they add extra layers of colour. They also produce oxygen and have been proven to help improve your mood. There are a whole range of plants that you can choose from. What we suggest is popping down to your local garden centre and having a browse to see which ones you prefer. Throughout the year you can move the plants around your home to create new looks in other rooms.  Have you recently updated your living room? What changes did you make? Did you apply anything from our list above? Let us know in the comment box below.