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Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels


Whether one wants an extravagant affair or just a private intimate experience, an engagement is considered so special that every person wants the occasion to leave a lasting impression on their loved one. That said, it is so important to pop the question at the right location, as this is where the fairytale journey for both of you will begin.

Dubai is one place in the UAE, which is full of picture-perfect spots where you can get down on bended knee and ask the big question that will surely seal the deal with an emphatic "yes". Most women love flowers, and there is no better sweet scented location than the Dubai Miracle Garden to make your grand proposal.

What's more, if you intend to get married this year, set off cruising in 2022 from Dubai for another novel way to celebrate love at sea. After you have proposed to your sweetheart surrounded by over 50 million flowers you can mark the occasion with a vow renewal ceremony on board.

Dubai Miracle Garden, which fittingly opened its doors for the first time on Valentine's Day in 2013, is a stunning 72,000 sq m world's largest natural garden.Thanks to its breathtaking landscapes and a range of attractions and experiences, it is one place which can quickly grab the attention of someone willing to make an undying proposal to his lady love.

Some of the unique features of this garden are the endless blooms and the stunning arrangements in which they are laid.From heart-shaped floral arches to secluded pathways, there are many spots to ask her for the bond of a lifetime as you walk through this exclusive garden, hand in hand with your partner.

The Dubai Miracle Garden forms the ultimate background for an unforgettable proposal, and your relationship will cement further, especially when your partner has no idea what you have planned for her. Take her to the heart-shaped passage, adorned with flowers of different fragrances, the most popular place for honeymooners and couples.

To capture the magical moment against the backdrop of some of the most gorgeous flowers from around the world, it is recommended to hire a professional photographer. You can even ask the staff to arrange a special bouquet in advance to make the occasion absolutely perfect.

Dubai Miracle Garden keeps adding new features to make visitors come back to this amazing park. But for first time visitors there are a range of colorful attractions from Disney themed spaces to a life sized creation of an airliner and the iconic Mickey Mouse floral display.

If you want to make this a date of a lifetime, take your soulmate to the Dubai Butterfly Garden which is right next door. The doomed indoor space is home to nearly 15,000 species of exotic winged beauties, some of whom may even land on your hand should you raise it high enough.

# Please note that prior permission must be taken for wedding/engagement photo shoots.