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The Developing Text Message is a Business Opportunity


The Developing Text Message is a Business Opportunity

The City of Dubai is changing and developing, and although there has been talk for a while of a tech investment revolution, the Dubai of today and the foreseeable future is one of international shopping and high-end merchandising.

The tech revolution that the city needs to be aware of is the use of technology to further this existing reputation. Whether it’s e-commerce or integrated e-marketing and communication, anywhere with as much shopping needs to be at the forefront of these technological developments. For a shopping precinct such as Dubai has become known for, the marketing opportunity of the text message is an opportunity not to be overlooked and a great example of how tech can be used to further existing business and promote new business opportunities.

Where the text currently is

It is now common knowledge that the text message can be used to increase sales and improve brand awareness. The beauty of the text is that it is immediate, but furthermore, the text is international and can be sent across borders, globally. There are apps available that can easily translate and ensure that any message sent is in the language of the recipient and personalized for them.

How the text can be used

Being in contact with clients and customers worldwide is a simple matter of a text. As long as your point-of-sale process is aware of the information gathering process and the need for customer consent for marketing contact, then this can easily be included in the purchasing process. The text message has been used around the world to reach mass markets and create mainstream awareness for various issues and campaigns. Nonprofit or charity fundraising or even the US presidential SMS fundraising campaigns that gained notoriety and raised millions to ensure the democratic win. The numerous and varied ways that the simple text message can be used to reach large numbers of people around the globe is phenomenal and cannot be missed as an opportunity for growth and to build brands.

Where the text can go to

The text message arguably still has a long way to go, and as technology improves, then so too will the ability to use information from your texting campaigns. There is also a drive to automate the text messaging marketing process. Just as chatbots and virtual assistants now have ongoing lengthy conversations with customers to help them through a process or challenge related to a purchase or anticipated purchase.

The use of the text message for marketing and communication with customers and clients and possible customers is a developing field and one to keep an eye on, and investors are starting to take notice. The only way that shopping cities and precincts will survive in the current climate will be to adapt and change. One of these changes will be the addition and integration of technology in the shopping process. The simple text message is going to be one of the key forms of tech that will be used in this process.