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Businesses will need to embrace the Hand Sanitizer revolution

Businesses will need to embrace the Hand Sanitizer revolution

Businesses will need to embrace the Hand Sanitizer revolution

As business buy Hand Sanitizer by the lorry loads, how can business save and still stay safe?

First to market B2B wholesale goods platform, WeMENA has seen a huge surge in wholesale hand sanitizer purchases in the past few months in the UAE. Who’d have thought that at the start of the year that businesses would now have to take on additional costs related to virus prevention. We may see the disappearance of masks and gloves in the near future, but one item that is here to stay for good is hand sanitizer.

Here are 3 tips on how businesses can save money when buying hand sanitizer from sanitizer supplier in Dubai:

1. Buy Refills – It’s expensive and bad for the environment if you keep buying and replacing small bottle of sanitizer. Save a ton of cash and buy a 5litre refill which will save you 50% of the cost when worked out to the millilitre.

2. Ignore Brand – Hand Sanitizer is a fairly simple product. As long as there is enough IPA contents in it, then it will work just as well as any brand on the market. Remember the most effective sanitizers contain anywhere between 60% to 95% alcohol. Some branded products can be nearly twice as expensive so beware!

3. Use Dispensers – Using a freestanding or wall dispenser is a great way to save money too. An automatic dispenser is also more hygienic, plus they can easily be refilled too. To be honest, this is where paying more for a high-quality dispenser may save you money in the long run, so invest in a brand like Purell to prevent breakdowns related to poorly engineered mechanisms. Apart from the dispenser Purell hand sanitizer is one of the fastest moving hand sanitizer popular among businesses in the UAE.

One important point of note for business purchasing hand sanitizer is to make sure that the product is certified, and lab tested. In recent weeks there have been articles and video circulating which claim to show you how to product your own hand sanitizer. As much as this can save money, it is not safe, and you could get in big trouble if it leads to someone having a reaction.

So how can you get hold of the cheapest, high quality hand sanitizer for your business? Well, rather than buying it individually at a supermarket you should sign-up to an online wholesale marketplace like WeMENA. On its platform you can find 500ml bottles sold in packs of 12 which it sells for around AED 7 each, whereas the same item in the supermarket can be over AED 19 – that’s a saving of over 100%!

It makes sense buying hand sanitizer wholesale as it’s an item that will need to constantly need replenishing, especially in high footfall locations.

Bio: WeMENA is a B2B e-commerce marketplace which enables businesses to purchase products at wholesale prices from official distributors and manufacturers. WeMENA assists with delivery, payment logistics and customer service, bringing efficiency savings to both buyers and suppliers using WeMENA. Founded in August 2019, the WeMENA platform was launched in December 2019, quickly changing how businesses approach wholesale purchasing in the region.



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