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Yoga for life
Benefits of yoga accepted by science

In recent times, Yoga and Meditation are the buzz word we can able to hear all around us. Yes, in the mean time yoga has spread its wings globally and is considered as a holistic strategy for healing our mind, body and soul. It is an ancient practice and therapy for restoring the balance of our body. Apart from the flexing and twisting poses yoga has changed its phase into a mildest one.

Here in this article we can get knowledge about the benefits of yoga which was accepted by science.

1. Reduces stress
Yoga will always insist a sense of calm and relaxation while you are performing any kind of asanas. Yoga will diminish the segregation of cortisol – the fundamental stress hormone through its asanas and hence various studies suggest yoga as a perfect medicine used in the de-stressing therapy.

2. Relieves anxiety
The machine bounded life style makes us always hustling. The mounting pressure is the reason behind anxiety. With the support of yoga you can handle any kind of pressure situations is a proven theory. Yes, studies says that people practicing yoga twice a week for at least two months can see the visible difference and can able to handle day-to-day stress. So Friends, Just begin your restorative journey.

3. Improves heart health
In recent times, high blood pressure is the one common cause for heart attack and stroke. Every one of us knows that heart is the essential organ for our body’s proper functioning mechanism. This mechanism will work properly when we practice yoga in a regular manner. Yoga will reduce several heart ailments and risk factors. While yoga is in your routine schedule then along with that diet change and proper sleeping strategy will leads you for a heart healthy life!

4. Helps improve sleep quality
Sleep deprivation is one of the toughest things your body has to deal with. Your immunity comes down and you put yourself at risk to a host of other ailments, including obesity, depression and heart disorders. If you practice yoga daily, you can soothe your nerves and diminish anxiety and stress, thereby enhancing your quality of sleep. According to a study conducted in 2005, elderly patients were asked to practice yoga for a stipulated period of time - the group had a much better sleep quality, fell asleep faster and longer.

5. Improves flexibility and balance
Yoga will improve your flexibility and balance and it is a proven fact of science. In fact, the premise of yoga differs from unique types of training because of its multifaceted requirements that challenge the body in varied ways. Certain asanas help you to lengthen and stretch your muscles in a safe and effective manner. A study conducted on athletes who practiced yoga for 10 weeks, demonstrated the improvement in both flexibility and balance and therefore, may even enhance athletic performances that require these characteristics.

Your age group and your fitness level will not affect practicing the yoga. Including the practice in your routine life, with the expert guidance will give you a visible change in your life.

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