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6 Sport activities you must try in Dubai

6 Sport activities you must try in Dubai

6 Sport activities you must try in Dubai

The writer: Sarah Dagamseh

Did you know that there are a lot of great sports that you can try in Dubai? As there are sports activities that suit different tastes, starting from skydiving and sandboarding to diving underwater and water skiing and more, you can shop at Noon store to buy sports supplies such as clothes, shoes, etc. and get a discount of noon coupon, in this topic we will offer the best sports activities that you can do it in Dubai, to enjoy your time and get the best experience!

1. Skydiving
It is one of the most popular sports that you can try in Dubai, as it allows you to experience the real feeling of free fall and enjoy the wonderful views of Dubai city from above, you can buy your sportswear and Comfortable shoes from Namshi store and save money while using Namshi discount code, as your Journey will be supervised by a private coach, which takes about 60 seconds at a speed of up to 120 miles per hour, followed by about five minutes of a quiet glide under the parachute.

2. Sandboarding
It is one of the activities that you must try when visiting Dubai, where your feet are attached to a board and then slide on the sand dunes, this requires a lot of skill to be able to practice it, as you must maintain your balance and not fall, it is preferable to do this activity in the morning at sunrise or In the evening at sunset, Amazon store offers valuable discounts on sportswear, bags, water bottles and more via amazon discount code

3. Diving underwater
Dubai is home to the most amazing marine creatures and underwater landscapes, and the Dubai coastline extends to more than 1,300 km, you can choose from a variety of diving sites, one of which is the artificial reefs at Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, where you can dive with sharks With a special supervisory team.

4. Indoor ice skating
Dubai is famous for its warm weather and desert landscapes, but it also contains indoor ice skating rinks, such as “ski dubai” in the Mall of the Emirates, which is an indoor ski resort that extends to more than 22,500 square meters, ski dubai contains real snow, and it also offers various activities such as skiing And snowball fights and playing with the penguins.

5. Flyboarding
It is one of the best sports activities that you must try in Dubai, where your feet are tied to a board connected to a water hose and jet ski, where the water rushes with force which pushes the board and the rider into the air, if you are experienced in this game, you will be able to control your movements and do flips and spins.

6. Kite surfing
It is one of the activities suitable for water sports lovers, as Dubai is the ideal place to experience kite surfing, as it is done by using a large kite and using the power of the wind to glide using the special board through the water, there are many options for playing this game in Dubai, such as Kite beach in Jumeirah, in addition to Umm Suqeim Beach or Black Palace Beach, as these beaches are less crowded.

Ultimately, Dubai is a must-visit destination for sports and adventure lovers, as it has many options and a wonderful summer atmosphere, which allows you to experience the best and most memorable sports activities.