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4 Reasons to Use Tech Staffing Services to Fill Open Roles

4 Reasons to Use Tech Staffing Services to Fill Open Roles

4 Reasons to Use Tech Staffing Services to Fill Open Roles

4 Reasons to Use Tech Staffing Services to Fill Open Roles

Suppose you need to fill technology roles in your company in Dubai. You need a Java developer, a Flutter engineer, a DevOps engineer, or a public cloud engineer.


In this scenario, you have two options: you can either find these people yourself or let a tech staffing agency fill the roles for you.


Each recruitment method has its pros and cons, but tech staffing through an agency may be the better option. Read on for four reasons why you should consider outsourcing your needs to an agency that provides tech staffing services in Dubai.


1. They Speak Your Language


First and foremost, tech staffing agencies have domain knowledge. They have the expertise and specialize in digital, IT infrastructure and cyber security, business intelligence, big data and analytics, software engineering, ERP and CRM, and compliance and financial crimes, among



What tech staffing agencies do day in and day out is fill technology roles, screen technology candidates, and peruse technology-centric CVs. Since they are also in charge of staffing technology clients, they have tech teams led by experienced specialists and tech practitioners.


Why is this important? Because relaying the needs and requirements for technology roles can be extremely difficult. However, when you are talking to someone who speaks the language of tech, the process can be much more efficient.


You can tell a tech staffing agency what your project is about, tell them what your project needs are, and they will know what you mean and exactly what qualifications you’re looking for in your would-be hires.


2. They Help Reduce the Time to Hire


Suppose you have a new project that's growing and developing at an extremely aggressive pace. You need sales managers, channel managers, and ERP consultants "yesterday" – i.e., you need them ASAP. And every day of delay costs you a significant amount of money.


Yes, you can post a job advert on job sites. But that's not an ideal solution because you don't have the time to screen applicants yourself. And you need the roles filled as soon as possible, remember?


You can pass your requirements on to a general staffing agency. They will do everything, from posting job adverts to screening and shortlisting applicants for you. But since they do not have specialized tech knowledge, the agency would be extremely dependent on your feedback and input when creating job adverts and in screening and shortlisting applicants.


When rushing to fill tech roles, your best option is to let a tech staffing agency handle everything for you. Tech staffing agencies won't need hand-holding when posting job adverts, screening applicants and creating a shortlist of applicants they'd want you to meet. 


This should cut the amount of back and forth and considerably shorten the lead time from first job posting to first applicant interviews.

More importantly, tech staffing agencies already have an extensive and readily available network of technology specialists. Since they specialize in tech and advertise mainly tech jobs, they already have a vast database of technology practitioners.


With the help of artificial intelligence and recruitment technologies, they can do a quick search and find one or more tech specialists to tap on a moment's notice to work on your project.


Staffing agencies, moreover, can place temporary staff with you. Therefore, you won't have to stop your project while you wait to fill permanent positions.


3. They Are Flexible


Tech staffing agencies not only let you fill roles quickly. They also allow for flexibility and are responsive to your business needs. You probably agree that a lean and efficient operation is a good way of doing business.

Naturally, you want to hire only as many people as you actually need. Engaging more people than that would be a waste of resources.


But there will be times when your human resource requirements will exceed your human resource availability and capacity. When this happens, tech staffing agencies can help fill the gap.


Depending on your needs and preferences, tech staffing agencies can field tech staff as needed to fill temporary roles in your organization. Some tech staffing agencies even provide outsourcing and remote team solutions, in which case you can even outsource the work, even an entire division, to the staffing agency.


Whatever you decide to, tech staffing agencies will help you cope with sudden peaks in staffing requirements. They will help you have as big or as lean an operation as the occasion demands, so you can quickly and capably respond to opportunities and scale your teams.


4. They Help Reduce Hiring Costs and Risks


You can't really ascertain fit until after an employee has been with you for a while. Someone who is exemplary on paper may not be so ideal in reality.


Staffing agencies, therefore, help reduce your risks. They have contact arrangements that will let you fulfil your needs without the added costs of visas, medical insurance and more. This reduces your contractual obligations and legal exposure because, in such arrangements, the staffing agency remains the employer on record.


This also reduces your capital expenditure (CAPEX) costs. As the employer on record, they are in charge of employee benefits. They are also liable for complying with all government requirements, including obtaining work permits and visas, if necessary.


Working with staffing agencies also lets you observe potential permanent hires for a set period before you commit to hiring them. Even while you take your time deciding on a candidate's fit with your company, however, progress on the project or work for which you're hiring need not stop. Work will continue as usual through the help of the agency's contract placement.


With the help of staffing agencies, you won't have to spend resources and expend a lot of effort on potential new hires. The ability to try potential hires before you formally hire them means you save on the cost of making bad hires and reduce attrition. Make Tech Hiring Easier With the Help of Tech Staffing Agencies


Technology companies grow at a rapid pace. They can take on new projects that require a lot of new people suddenly and quickly.

With the help of tech staffing agencies possessing domain knowledge, an extensive network of tech specialists, and offering on-demand tech staffing services, and temporary staffing

arrangements, tech companies can scale quickly and efficiently.