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3 Reasons Why Attending Virtual Events Is More Worthwhile Now Than Ever Before

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3 Reasons Why Attending Virtual Events Is More Worthwhile Now Than Ever Before

If you haven’t taken part in an online event for a while, you are going to be pleasantly surprised at just how engaging and valuable they are now. There’s been a huge investment of time and expertise into online events of late. An explosion of interest, coupled with the latest technology, has led to a revolution in the events industry. 

We are now a world away from the first, now outdated, webinar technology. Today’s events are streamlined, sophisticated and highly interactive. 

Virtual events now match the experience of attending in person. In some ways, a well-designed virtual event can be better than an in-person event. All the best features of live conferences and networking events have been replicated online. Virtual events can even offer some significant advantages over traditional live events. 

Read on to find out more about how virtual events are beating expectations.

The look and feel of virtual events today
Before we begin, it’s worth noting that not all virtual events are created equal. 

The features of online events listed here represent the very best of what’s available. Before you sign up for any event, you should be checking if it will offer you these advantages. You should find all or most of these features are available on good virtual event platforms. 

1. Simple and streamlined to maximize your time

Firstly, the signup and initial login process for today’s events should be straightforward and fast. This will give you time to focus on creating a personal event profile and badge. 

On these, feature what you’d like your fellow delegates to know about you and your business. Next, you should be able to browse the profiles of other delegates and begin making connections, before the event has even begun.

The event interface should allow you to curate your own personalized agenda for the event days so that you can ensure you attend the most relevant sessions. In your free time, you can advertise your ability for networking and business meetings; you needn’t miss any opportunity to connect. 

2. Fully interactive

Benefit from a range of session styles, including lectures, presentations, workshops, seminars, roundtables, and even one-to-ones. During live sessions, you’ll be able to interact. This might be through a Q&A using your microphone, camera or chat features, or through live polling or quizzes. 

Attend more informal ‘coffee’ and ‘drinks’ sessions too for enhanced networking opportunities. 

You may even find that your host has sent a bundle of welcome goodies, refreshments or virtual gifts, depending on the theme and scope of the event. During the event, you should be able to greet all fellow delegates in formal or informal ways through the technology provided. 

3. Comprehensive and rewarding 

Access demo rooms and expo materials at any time during the event. Download live session materials to browse through at your convenience. You will leave the event armed with just as much valuable material, and much less paper. Best of all, if you missed anything you can download it or watch it on demand later. 

Networking will be as rewarding as an in-person event. You should be able to contact any of the other delegates at any time, with their consent, using a private and secure connection. This could be through video call or text chat. You should also have access to self-serve presentation tools so that you, too, can share information with your colleagues. 

3 major advantages that virtual events can offer
Now that we know what we are likely to experience at a virtual event, let’s consider the advantages they offer. Today’s events are…

1. Accessible
Travel is enjoyable to some and a perk of in-person events. However, for many more it can be a huge inconvenience. Time away for work means missing out on family commitments at home and valuable working time in the office. There are also lengthy and tiring travel schedules to contend with.

A virtual event enables you to attend from the comfort of home or office and frees up more of your time. Online events should be accessible from PCs, tablets and smartphones, meaning you could attend from anywhere convenient.  Virtual events open up attendance to many more people, meaning even better networking opportunities for you. 

2. Economical
Remove travel costs and expenses by attending an event from home. This makes attendance much more affordable for your business and provides a better return on investment. Less time away from business means you can spend more time on profitable activities, too.  

3. Opportunity- and expertise-laden
Virtual events have become so popular and commonplace. More and more industry leaders and experts are recognizing the reach and power of this platform. Why not take a look at who is set to appear at live online events in your industry in the near future? 

It is much easier for these people to appear at multiple online events than just a few live events so you should have plenty of opportunities to engage with very knowledgeable people. 

The expertise from delegates is also enhanced by the accessibility of online events. It should be easy for you to make contact with exactly the right people through networking rooms, roundtable discussions, private calls or online chat.  

This enhances the business opportunities at online events. You can promote your own business using presentation tools, demo rooms, and by setting up discussions with interested parties. 

Because it is so easy to curate your agenda at a virtual event, you can pick the events you know you will get the most out of and make the most of your time. You needn’t worry about missing a keynote speaker to attend a roundtable discussion; you can watch on catch up later. 

Virtual events are very streamlined, optimizing everyone’s available time for the things that matter most. In this way, you can often pack in more business meetings and informal discussions than you might face-to-face.  

Harness the opportunities provided by virtual events
The world of virtual events is moving fast.

Taking full advantage of the latest technology include life sciences, energy, sustainability and project management events.   

See what is available and you’ll find some incredibly informative events coming up in your sector, featuring industry experts willing to share cutting edge knowledge as well as valuable business and networking opportunities for you.