Hospitality and Restaurant in UAE

Thread by Nithin Pattazhy - in "Hospitality and Restaurant in UAE" ( 12 January 2017 )
Great Ambiance !, Outstanding food ! This is one of the most happening places in Downtown,Dubai. The food is to die for. Great service. Very lively place. There is a separate restaurant area which also has a bar. So if you are looking for a quite dinner with great music, this is the place. The main...
Thread by Mmotankcom - in "Hospitality and Restaurant in UAE" ( 2 August 2016 )
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Thread by tillerdavid7_19371 - in "Hospitality and Restaurant in UAE" ( 12 May 2015 )
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Thread by mezbaan - in "Hospitality and Restaurant in UAE" ( 3 April 2015 )
Mezbaan Hyderabad Restaurant is a Finest Indian Restaurant in Dubai which has a traditional Indian dishes which are mouth watering and also gives you fine dining experience with contemporary interiors to make the discerning dinner feel pampered and special.
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